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Consultant agency:
With our many years of experience in real estate, we guide you directly to your desired result. Often you will not have thought about solutions that only a specialist can recommend.

Property Evaluation: The Property evaluation is not simple and requires excellent knowledge of the market, which I absolutely know.

Many factors determine the market value of a property, including the status of the property, the location, the size, the quality of construction, recent comparable sales, facilities and other factors. Also, the current situation of the market directly affects the selling price of a property.

Legal Advice for Real Estate Agreements:

Dovas Real Estate through stable partnerships with Law firms, provide legal advice to avoid possible mistakes in the process of acquiring, selling or lease of a property. Proper guidance is important not to lose valuable time. See what the necessary documentation for the sale and purchase of a property here

Find Buyer / Lessee / Property Assignment:

The process to find the reliable buyer or tenant, exclusively our company .We find the process simple and easy for us for the following reasons. Prerequisite is the individual property to promote the market with the right price of sale or lease.

Dovas Real Estate and skilled collaborators directly promote your property in the 'under evaluated clientele.

Dovas Real Estate constantly invests in all online real estate developer site, in Greece and abroad .In permanently strong partner of working only in the field, ensures discrete locations of your property in the most famous Real Estate site.

Our Company constantly trains its collaborators with learning seminars in the field of Real Estate of, negotiations and planning laws, so be aware of the new data.

In Dovas Real Estate will feel safety, professionalism and solvency and hopefully without a second thought will entrust us your property.

Financing: We maintain solid partnerships with banks mediated for granting loans.

Renovations: We maintain solid partnerships with architects, Interior Designers and engineers (licenses etc.) that will offer the best solutions at the best prices.

Have you thought about how much it would cost a renovation? how different will be your property after renovation? What additional money could give you after a proper renovation? what suits after a renovation of a property, a sale or a lease; An appointment in our office to experts will solve these questions.

Estate Insurance maintain solid partnerships with insurance consultants have the emporia and will suggest this insurance product you need.

• Our company offers professional photography services for private property.