Property transfer

Transfer Expenses Property

Buying a property accompanying additional costs incurred by the actual value of the property. These costs are the following:

1. The conveyance tax.

2. The tax in favor of local authorities.

3. The notary fees

4. The legal expenses.

5. The brokerage. By agreement.


Supporting Transfer Property

The vendor needs from the tax office:

1. The title of acquisition of the property and the transfer certificate.

2. Recent topographic plan of the land with the statement of the engineer who drew up.

3. Affidavit attested by the transferor from the Tax Office, which shall provide a declaration of income tax.

4. Affidavit of the transferor certified by the tax office of income that the transferred property has been included in E-9 form.

5. If the title of possession is heritage, parental benefit, dowry, or donation required appropriate certificates for the corresponding non-debt tax (inheritance, parental grant or donation).

6. Certification from the municipality in which the property belongs, that is not due to this property end real estate, according to Law. 2130/1993.

7. Certificate from the competent local authority, which owned the property that has been made by the transferor property declaration.

8. Insurance-awareness by the competent IKA if the property has been built within the last decade or retailer practicing entrepreneur, self-employed or participates in SA or Ltd.

9. Certificate from the Land Registry and Mapping Agency of Greece that submitted timely statement of the law. 2308/85 for the transferred property or cadastral extract.

10. A certified copy of the building permit and / or statutory declaration depending on the year of construction of the property (before or after 1983).

11. Permission of the Prefect 1892/1990 Art. 29 where the property is located in a border region.

12. If it is a parcel within the text area that works agency Land Reclamation (T.O.E.V) required certification of the office T.O.E.V that irrigation fees are not due contributions.

13. Only for transactions: Energy performance certificate (PAA) for buildings over 50 sq.m.


*Betterment tax
From 01/01/2015 until 31/12/2016 not required gains tax for property sellers, according to par. 33 of Article 72 of Law. 4172/2013 inserted by Article 90 of Law. 4316 / 2014.


What does the buyer:

1. Purchasers shall, after obtaining the signature of the seller must submit three copies of the transfer tax declaration.

2. If the buyer is to acquire a first home, when signing the transfer tax return must submit a solemn declaration of the law from 1599 to 1586 (that has not ever get tax exemption for acquisition of first residence, it has full ownership to another right home or apartment, civil status, certificate of excellence with topographic by the competent town office). The transfer tax is calculated on the price stated in the contract, payable upon submission of the declaration.

3. Finally, the signature of the contracts will be asked to sign other affidavits which indicate that the property is not in the stream, beach or shoreline, and that the property will not change abruptly use aftermarket etc. .

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